The 100 places you must see in the Bay of the Somme

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Bike rental in the Bay Somme

In order to respect our environmental commitments, the Domaine du Val has made electric bikes available to its residents.
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Good food shops in the Bay of Somme

If tourism also involves visits by our taste buds, remember to take a gastronomic souvenir of the bay with you!

The Bird Festival in the Bay of Somme

The Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature aims to highlight the environmental richness and diversity of the natural spaces of the Bay of Somme since its creation in 1991.

Bay of Somme Exploration

Baie de Somme Exploration offers activities and circuits through treasure hunts or mystery hikes.
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From the Domaine, join the Canal de la Somme located a few minutes away. Two possibilities are available to you: Ideal for families with children and beginner cyclists, take the side that leads to Saint Valéry sur Somme.
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The Bay's boats

Les Bateaux de la Baie, CDT Charcot offers you since 2001 to discover the Bay of Somme, one of the most beautiful Bay in the world, classified Grand Site de France.
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Rambles on foot

To appreciate the magnificent landscapes of the Bay of Somme and the hinterland, take the hiking trails.
Mini Campus au Haras Henson   Ferme de Saint Jean les Rues

Haras-Henson farm of Saint-Jean-les-rue

The Henson stud farm in Rue is a place open to all. It delights families who want to enjoy the interaction with animals in the wilderness.

The Bay of Somme spa

Like a balcony on the Bay, the Spa Baie de Somme welcomes you for a unique sensory experience.
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Our good eating addresses in the Bay of Somme

If there is one thing that characterizes the France and the French, it is food!
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Horseback riding in the Marquenterre

What if we did a little horseback riding in the Domaine du Marquenterre with the children?
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Sea kayaking

What if today we took to the sea with our family? Be careful, this is not about sitting quietly in your cabin and sipping strawberry milk on the deck of a boat in the sun!
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The gardens of Maizicourt

Who said parks were boring? The gardens of Maizicourt will definitively put an end to these "they say"!
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Escapade to the jardins de Valloires

During your stay at the Domaine du Val, treat yourself to an embalmed and flowery break: a getaway to the neighbouring gardens of Valloires!
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The upper town of saint Valery

Well tell yourself that these great names in French history have all at a specific time in their lives, stayed in the charming little town of St Valery!
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Castle of Rambures

And if this afternoon you decide to go for a walk with your family in the first fortress of France built of brick by Lafayette's comrade in arms! And yes!
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Amiens cathedral

Did you know that Amiens Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in France? It alone would be 2 times the volume of Notre Dame de Paris! That's telling you!
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Land sailing

This is the promise of an unforgettable adventure with family or friends on 20 km of beach between the Bay of Authie and the Bay of Somme!
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Discover sea wading

Walking in water is even better for your health than walking on land! During your next stay at Domaine du Val, jump into the water and try the longe-côte, an excellent sporting activity for the heart, back and balance.
parc ornithologique du marquenterre, saint quentin en tourmont, baie de somme

Visit to Marquenterre park

"The birds are wild... They have eyes and ears... Here's what you can read as you enter the migratory bird paradise north of the Bay of Somme.
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The Bay of Somme railway

Take a seat and get ready for an extraordinary journey between land and sea! Forward for a fabulous circuit! A route crisscrossing the entire Bay of Somme on the old railway of 1887.
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Get on close terms with the sky! and the stars...

During your stay in the Bay of Somme, take the height! Literally, as well as figuratively.
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Discovering the seals of the Bay of Somme

If you have never met these seals with amazing bouilles and the eyes of children who will leave you mouth "bay".
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