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Visit to Marquenterre park

"The birds are wild... They have eyes and ears..." This is what you can read when you enter the paradise of migratory birds in the north of the Bay of Somme. So shhh! The more discrete you are the closer you can approach them!

The ornithological park Marquenterre is a fascinating place where the respect of man goes hand in hand with nature! A magical living space with varied landscapes where dunes, pines, sea and marsh alternate. The park provides all the facilities to get close to our dear feathered friends without scaring them away! In small wooden cabins you can observe their secret lives in the wild in the natural state: kids will love it!

Woodland warblers, tits, robins, sandpipers... let yourself be charmed by the gentle songs of the birds of the Bay of Somme."

Practical information:

Marquenterre park offers many activities: guided tours, children's workshops, carriage rides... Follow your feelings and come and get a lungful of pure air!

Parc du Marquenterre
25 bis chemin des Garennes
80120 Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont

For more information, see the park's Internet site:

Photo credits: © Nathanaël HERRMANN

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