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The Bay of Somme railway

To discover during your weekend or holidays in Bay of Somme

Take your place and get ready for an out of the ordinary ride between land and sea! Off we go on a fabulous circuit! A route winding round the Bay of Somme along the old 1887 railway. An exceptional experience that absolutely must be shared with children to show them the beauty of the countryside and to travel to another time with them, to the time of the 19th century with its grand steam locomotives.

On board the train, the setting is idyllic! You feel as if you'd boarded a time machine! Inside, everything is period. The regular rhythm of the engine will soothe you throughout the trip. You explore the great reaches, the marshes, the prairie land, the bay and harbours - so many features of this beautiful region.

Bonus! Every Saturday, dinners on the train are organised! A great idea for an unforgettable romantic meal amid the charm of a bygone era and fabulous scenery! Reserve your bottle of Champagne on the site!

When and how to travel on the bay railway

You can book your place any time of year on this attraction. There's an Internet site giving the timetables where you can buy tickets on line. It also gives more information on the railway line and its history.

See the Internet site of the Bay of Somme Railway!

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