General terms of sale

This lease is made upon the following terms and conditions which the lessee agrees to perform and carry out, namely:


To occupy the premises only in a bourgeois manner, the exercise of any trade, profession or industry being formally forbidden, the tenant recognizing that the premises which are the subject of the present contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence and for pleasure.

The tenant agrees to ensure that the peace and quiet of the building and the neighborhood is not disturbed by him, his family or people in his service.

The tenant agrees to occupy the premises "as a good father of the family" without exceeding the number of occupants indicated in the description and in the seasonal rental agreement, not to set up tents in the garden or to park caravans there, to ensure the maintenance and safety of the premises and facilities made available to him. All these installations are delivered in good working order and any complaint concerning them, occurring more than 72 hours after the entry in enjoyment, could not be admitted and the repairs after this delay, will have to be supported by the tenant. All repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be charged to the tenant. In particular, the hirer shall ensure that the premises, equipment and machines are in perfect working order and clean. If this is not the case, the repair and cleaning work will be charged to him.

The tenant is forbidden to put stoves in the rented premises. If, in spite of this prohibition, he would have other heating devices installed than those existing in the rented premises, he would be solely responsible for all the consequences of this installation. Moreover, the tenant will have to take care in a particularly attentive way not to throw any object or detergent product being able to deteriorate the septic tanks and to block the drains, failing which he will have to answer for the expenses caused for the restoration of the installations.

Not to substitute any person, nor to sublet the rented premises, even free of charge, except with the written agreement of the lessor.

To be insured against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage and recourse from neighbors and to insure the rented furniture.

Refrain from throwing objects into the sinks, bathtubs, bidets, sinks ... that could obstruct the pipes, failing which he will be liable for the costs incurred to restore the equipment.

The tenant will not be able to claim any reduction of rent in the event of urgent repairs incumbent on the lessor appearing during the course of hiring.


The reservation will only be effective upon receipt of the duly signed rental contract and the receipt of the 25% deposit, subject to acceptance by the lessor. Any reservation made by phone, fax or email without the required deposit within 72 hours will not be taken into account. A confirmation by e-mail will be sent to the tenant by return.


The tenant will respect the following arrival and departure times:

weekly stay 7 nights (from Saturday to Saturday in July and August): Arrival between 17H00 and 20H00 / Departure before 10H00

weekend stay : Arrival : Friday between 16H00 and 20H00 / Departure : Sunday or Monday before 10H00

mid week stay: Arrival : Monday between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM / Departure : Friday before 10:00 AM


The price is inclusive of all taxes and includes: the provision of accommodation, including charges (water, electricity, heating), bed linen with the bed made on arrival, access to the pool, access to games for children, the provision of television and a telephone line in each house.

The price excludes: the final cleaning of the accommodation, bathroom linen, cleaning products (washing up liquid, sponge..), personal consumption (telephone, bar,..), file fees and tourist tax.


Except in case of force majeure (death, serious illness) justified by an official document, the lessor will retain the following compensation in case of cancellation of the stay

cancellation before the 30th day before your stay : only the booking fees

cancellation between the 15th and 30th day before your arrival: 30% of the cost of the stay

cancellation between the 14th and the 8th day before your arrival : 50% of the cost of the stay

less than 7 days before your arrival : 75% of the cost of the stay


If the tenant does not show up at the agreed date and time, the lessor will immediately re-rent the house. The deposit will be kept by the lessor.


In case of early interruption of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the landlord is not questioned, it will not be proceeded to any refund, except for the deposit.


The tenant will have to pay to the landlord the day of the taking of possession of the places a sum of 200€ As deposit to answer for the damage which could be caused to the objects furnishing the rented places as well as with the various loads and consumptions (gas, electricity, etc...).
In addition, a sum of 40€ or 45€ may be withheld from the security deposit for the complete cleaning of the premises.
The refund of the deposit will be made within 10 days following the end of the stay, after deduction of the sums due by the tenant for the charges or repairs, if any.
A detailed description of the supplies will be given to the tenant at his arrival. The tenant has 12 hours to report any problem to the landlord.


Only tattooed and vaccinated dogs and cats (please bring a valid vaccination booklet) are accepted in the residence. Only one animal per house.


For the execution of the present contract, the parties elect domicile: the lessor at his head office, the lessee at his personal domicile and agree that the competent court will be that of the district in which the rented premises are located.

Done in Grand-Laviers,


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