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Bike rental in the Bay Somme

In order to respect our environmental commitments, the Domaine du Val has made electric bikes available to its residents. In this article, you will discover the many advantages of renting electric bikes and how they work at the Domaine.

1. Electric bike at the Domaine du Val

All the advantages of electric bikes have convinced the Domaine du Val to allow its residents to have this new choice of locomotion. It is therefore for this additional comfort, respecting our commitment as an eco-responsible tourist residence, that the Domaine du Val has opted for an electric bike rental service in addition to the classic bikes. They are fully rechargeable thanks to solar panels installed for the occasion.

The bikes have been available since the beginning of May, only to Domaine du Val residents, at a rental price of €30 per day.

This new feature will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of using a bicycle to get around the Bay of the Somme.

2. The Bay of the Somme by bike: its advantages

What could be more pleasant than enjoying the magnificent landscapes of the Bay of the Somme by bike? In a logic of eco-responsible tourism, the bicycle is obviously a privileged means of locomotion; and this is the reason why bicycle rental has been added to the various services offered by the Domaine. Moreover, if you are looking for routes for your bike rides, the Domaine du Val advises you on this page of routes for families and beginners, as well as for regular cyclists!

Enjoying the coastal breeze on your face during a bike ride is not only a pleasant experience, but also a commitment for the Domaine du Val.
Because not only does the electric bike allow you to keep physically active while being close to nature, but it also has many other advantages:

  • A carbon-free means of transport:
    This is obviously the first thing we think of, but we can never say it enough! Travelling by bike saves about 650 kilograms of CO2 per person per year, which is the equivalent of having an LCD TV on for 162 days non-stop.
    The car, for example, is the most polluting type of transport after planes, so if you can help preserve the Bay of the Somme while enjoying a pleasant moment, why not?
  • Riding a bike saves time:
    40% of daily car journeys are less than 3 kilometres, and even if it seems counter-intuitive, if you count starting, travelling and parking a car: journeys of less than 3 kilometres are faster by bike! More generally, cycling is considered to be the most efficient means of travel for journeys of less than 5 km, not to mention the many cycle routes that have been set up for greater mobility.
  • Park where you want to (or almost …)
    The bicycle also allows its users greater parking flexibility. Whether it's for a contemplative or sporty ride or simply as a means of transport, the bike takes up very little space and can be parked just a stone's throw from the beach, a shop or a viewpoint.
  • The electric bike: for greater accessibility
    In addition to all the advantages of a conventional bike, an electric bike has a motor. Less effort for more distance may not sound like much, but it adds extra comfort to this type of transport. This makes cycling easy for young and old, for beginners and experienced cyclists alike!

There are many other advantages to cycling; this list is not exhaustive and does not include all the memories that your senses will record, as well as the moments you are likely to share with other cyclists…


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