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The 2024 Bird and Nature Festival in the Baie de Somme


Celebrating the environmental richness of the Baie de Somme since 1991, the Bird and Nature Festival opens its doors from April 20 to 28, 2024. Labeled "Grand Site de France" and "Parc naturel régional", the Baie de Somme offers an exceptional setting for this 9-day immersion in nature, dedicated to the whole family.

More than just a festive event, the festival embodies a strong ecological commitment, offering a multitude of playful, artistic and sports activities to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of this unique environment.


  • Photography and wildlife art exhibitions
  • Environmental documentary screenings
  • Children's activities and adult training courses
  • Guided nature outings offering over 400 dates, on horseback, on foot, by pirogue, by canoe, by bike, etc.

Our favorite outings near the Domaine

For nature lovers, photographers, amateur or experienced ornithologists: the Bird Festival offers two unique activities close to the Domaine du Val!

Located 2.5 km from the Grand-Laviers ornithological reserve, the residents of the Domaine du Val will have the opportunity to participate in two activities close to our place of residence during the Festival.

Two meetings with the birds of the reserve have been scheduled: one at dawn and one at dusk.

Birds from the reserve at dawn

This ballad is scheduled for the "Golden Hour". At the time when the sky bathes us in its golden light, you can listen to the song of birds, photograph them and appreciate what nature offers us most beautiful at the first light of day.You will also enjoy the in the company of a guide before the reserve opens to the public, thus promoting the observation of avocets, black-necked grebes and bluethroats with mirrors and the 187 species of birds that shelter the reserve in complete calm. 

Duration: 2h

Distance (walking) : 2km

Adults: 15€

Children under 14 years old not allowed

Equipment: bring good walking shoes and clothing in line with the weather, as well as a good bottle of water! 

Book now on the website of the Festival of Birds and Nature

Birds of the reserve at dusk

The 40 hectares of the Grand-Laviers ornithological reserve will be open to you here to observe birds at the beginning of the night. This time the multitude of birds will gradually transform into silhouettes illuminated by the light of the Moon. You will cross marshes and ponds for a period of 2 hours and for 2km in search of the unique birds present in the Bay of Somme. Accessible to children under 14 years old, this walk is a magnificent adventure to live with your family. 

Book now on the website of the Festival of Birds and Nature

Duration: 2h

Distance (walking) : 2km

Adults: 15€

Children under 14: 5€

Equipment: Hiking shoes are recommended and clothing in line with the weather. Baby in baby carrier accepted and stroller allowed. Remember to bring water.


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