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Castle of Rambures

This afternoon, why not go out with the family and explore the first fortress in France built with bricks by Lafayette's comrade in arms! And so it was! This is no ordinary fortress! Loopholes, machiolation, moats... you can imagine the knights and look at the formidable edifice through the eyes of your children!

Inside the chateau, you'll see that each little feature has kept its original appearance. The furniture hasn't aged at all and the paintings of that time plunge us into the fantastic history of this great family. Climb right to the top, to the last floor. You'll be able to see the legendary round path surrounding the entire building. From here you can spot the enemy in a panoramic view. Get in the mood! Close your eyes and imagine a horde of assailants coming to conquer your territory...

To end your visit, wander around the site's romantic park and its rose garden with over 500 different varieties of rose!

Bonus: The chateau regularly organises monster and ghost evenings! Shivering spines guaranteed!

Information and booking:

Tel: +33(0)3 22 25 10 93


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