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Get on close terms with the sky! and the stars...

During your stay in the Bay of Somme, take to the heights! Literally as well as figuratively. Climb to the tops of trees to contemplate the world, like birds, at atop beeches and oaks in the "parcours d’accro-branches" (tree-walking trail) of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme.

Test your balance and agility ! Just like Tarzan swinging from tree to tree, hang from lianas. And feel the excitement as you speed along Tyrolean traverses whizzing from platform to platform, giving you shivers and thrills according to how prone you are to vertigo! Enjoy yourself, relax and store up fantastic shared memories of your holiday in the nearby Domaine du Val. Because young and old alike are welcome together here where you have the choice of over 130 activities: apart from the Tyrolean traverses and Tarzan's lianas, walkways, rope suspension bridges, suspended nets…

An exceptional view, an exceptional environment, fresh air in this haven of greenery: the Parc Salomon is a haven of peace and beauty, in the image of the Domaine du Val. On an eight acre forest site it offers the PITCHOUN trail suitable for 3-year olds and up. And the KIDS and DISCOVERY trail for beginners; and finally, ADULT trails reserved for the more adventurous. There's a " trail for you " for everyone, a circuit to match your physical abilities or your longing for adventure. And whatever you choose, these trails are an opportunity to discover nature in the Bay of Somme and to get to know the flora and fauna of the region.
On the safety side, nothing is left to chance, naturally! You're given new equipment of harness and helmet, tested before use. And attentive staff will brief you and are there to help you get over any difficulty that's holding you up.

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Tel: +33(0)3 84 73 64 64

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