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Land sailing

To try out during your weekend or holidays in Bay of Somme

Space and freedom in the open air!

Why not trade your skateboard, scooter or cycle for a land yacht? A day out for a great lungful of fresh air - does that tempt you? That's the promise of an unforgettable adventure with the family or friends over 20 km (12½ miles) of beach between the Bay of Authie and the Bay of Somme! Don't miss it, it's in an exceptional setting right in the countryside over an idyllic chain of dunes.

The nice thing about the land yacht is that it's for everybody, at every level! Don't be afraid to take the kids! As you pick up speed, the wind makes you feel as though you're taking off. It's magical! You'll quickly feel at ease, as if you'd been doing it all your life!

Not everybody has had the chance to race along whenever they want beside the sea over such beautiful stretches! Best of all is sunset at the end of the day with its dazzling colours. All in all, it's pure happiness!

Bonus! After this adventure, take the time to share a nice bowl of hot chocolate with the locals in the café-galerie of the relai de la Baie in Noyelles sur Mer. A friendly atmosphere is guaranteed!

When and how to practise Land Yachting

Land yachting is a sport for all seasons! There are 2 Land Yachting schools in the Bay of Somme:

– Ozone  on Quend-Plage

tel :33(0) 3 22 23 37 92


– Eolia  on Quend-Plage and Fort-Mahon-Plage

tel: 33(0) 3 22 23 42 60


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