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Sea kayaking

Heading for a watery adventure!

Why not take to the sea with the family? Mind you, it's not all about sitting comfortably in your cabin or sipping a strawberry smoothie on a boat deck in the sun! No, what we're talking about here is a really physical sport, but above all a fantastic time to have together in a sea kayak in the Bay of Somme! One of the rare places where such an activity is on offer - so don't miss it!

Skimming the water with the wind in your hair, it's a magical feeling! You go where the tide takes you while paddling along with our team! As there are several of you aboard, the kayak easily gets up to speed for exciting sensations! What's special is that the views from the sea are completely different from what you see on land. You see birds galore: curlews, gulls, seagulls... they're all there to give you a unique experience!

Time will stand still as you breathe in a moment of well-being and you'll leave tired, maybe, but happy!

Bonus: kayak trips are organised to see the Bay of Somme seals!

Information and booking:

https://www.kayak-somme.com/ - Tel: +33(0)3 22 60 08 44

https://www.kayak-somme.com/ - Tel: +33(0)3 71 78 22 37

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