Bay of Somme Exploration

Baie de Somme Exploration offers activities and circuits through treasure hunts or mystery hikes.
StValery©NicolasBryant 2

The upper town of saint Valery

Well tell yourself that these great names in French history have all at a specific time in their lives, stayed in the charming little town of St Valery!
Rambures Chateau P.Guillaume 16

Castle of Rambures

And if this afternoon you decide to go for a walk with your family in the first fortress of France built of brick by Lafayette's comrade in arms! And yes!
©ADRT80 FLeonardi 60

Amiens cathedral

Did you know that Amiens Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in France? It alone would be 2 times the volume of Notre Dame de Paris! That's telling you!
le petit train baie de somme

The Bay of Somme railway

Take a seat and get ready for an extraordinary journey between land and sea! Forward for a fabulous circuit! A route crisscrossing the entire Bay of Somme on the old railway of 1887.
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