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Sustainable tourism

At the Domaine du Val, nature is the most important part of life philosophy. We incorporate respect for this most precious resource in all our approaches and actions. 

Little by little, what started off as common sense has taken on more importance until now we now feel the need to anchor this spirit officially in an ambitious CSR policy.


Protection of the environment and biodiversity on the site are our priorities. Some among many illustrations of this ambition are that we have installed a hive, created an organic vegetable garden and introduced a flowered fallow zone.


Working with the local economy is an obvious thing to do. Since 2005 we have had a collaboration set up based on loyalty and the sharing of values. Today we work with more than 80% of suppliers located less than 25 miles away.


The social aspect is taken into account internally with permanent dialogue with employees, training and incentive bonuses. We've set up collaborations with associations in the social and solidarity economy, for example for green space maintenance and recycling objects and equipment.

Key figures

ICON bornes voiture electriques

recharging stations for electric cars

ICON potager bio

compost for the organic garden

ICON fournisseurs bio

of seminar turnover given over to the "fond vert" (green founds) - a scheme in France to accelerate the ecological transition


of our suppliers located at less than 25 miles

ICON ampoules led

LEDs for lighting

ICON panneaux solaires

solar panels installed in spring 2023

Accredited with the Lucie label (for CSR) since 2013

Domaineduval 1327
This community of organisations has over 900 companies all with the same desire to make a fairer world, more respectful of people and land. 

In its ongoing approach to sustainable development, the Domaine du Val was the first tourist residence to obtain the Lucie label in 2013. This supports its profound respect for the environment, and its desire to go ever further in protecting it.

In concrete terms, the Domaine du Val has remained an actor in the economy of its region with a positive economic model for people and land. 

To achieve this, the Domaine du Val creates meaning and applies its values daily on the basis of 3 indissociable and complementary pillars: economic growth, preservation of the environment and social well-being. A genuine commitment to ethics and transparency in respect of its customers, its partners and more widely of society and the environment. 

The LUCIE reference invites organizations to base their CSR approach on 7 commitments: 

– Respect the interests of customers and consumers 
– Protect the environment 
– Appreciate human capital 
– Act on the markets with loyalty and responsibility 
– Respect people's fundamental rights 
– Reconcile the interest of the company with the general interests
– Ensure the transparency of the decision and control system

The Bay of Somme zero carbon association

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To advance still further in the approach of protecting its land, the Domaine du Val, through its founder Xavier Mennesson, became one of the founders of the association "Bay of Somme Zero Carbon" (« Baie de Somme Zéro Carbone »). 

This environmentally friendly association was created by tourism professionals in the region who are anxious to protect the Bay of Somme, an ecosystem unique of its kind. 

With 10 million visitors a year, the environmental impact on the Bay of Somme is very great, and all the more so as it is a fragile ecosystem. 

The "Bay of Somme Zero Carbon" association came about through an awareness of a desire to act collectively. Today, hosts, restaurant owners, producers, farmers, sports and cultural activity providers commit themselves by signing a charter for the protection of this land and act by setting up collective projects.


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