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The gardens of Maizicourt

A refreshing bucolic escapade

Who said parks were boring? The gardens of Maizicourt firmly refute this idea! Don't imagine you're going to see a garden like any other, this one is a real ode to nature, a bucolic experience in a marvellous setting.

Set proudly around the 18th century chateau, the gardens of Maizicourt are divided by alleys, each one opening out on to a new coloured spectacle. Just let yourself get happily lost in this labyrinth of perfumed gardens! As soon as you come in, you're in another world. You breathe in the gentle Japanese-inspired zen atmosphere and marvel at the famous weeping cherry trees, majestic with their sparkling pink colours. Rose lovers will not be disappointed! The park is generously planted with the lovers' blooms! But that's not all! Little unsuspected corners: a stone cloister for you to sit and rest, and aquatic plants you've never seen before - in a footbath!

You wander along the Wild boar alley, the grand courtyard, the box alley or the tour des haies. No matter if you're happy, sad or stressed, you'll be happy strolling along these pathways and you'll leave serene.

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Tel: +33(0)3 22 32 69 64

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