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Discover sea wading

Try out sea wading while staying at the Domaine du Val: how and where to do it

Walking in the water is still better for health than walking on dry land! When next you stay at the Domaine du Val, jump into the water and try out sea wading, an excellent sport for the heart, the back and for balance.

Equipped with neoprene wet suit and shoes, winter and summer, you walk in the water along the coast, from which the French name "longe-côte" gets its name! It's a total sport as it works the muscular, respiratory, cardiac and circulatory systems and is suitable for everyone.

The muscular effort is both gentle and intense. This is because the resistance of water is five times as great as that on land! As a result, the intensity of muscular effort is multiplied by ten. However, it varies according to the depth of water and the type of wading you choose.

With water up to the knees, quick little strides exert the cardiovascular system and build up thigh muscles. With larger movements in waist-high water the exercise becomes more strenuous. Another criterion to bear in mind is the height of the water: if you want to exercise the top of your body, add a paddle and walk in a small volume of water. If you want to look after your joints, immerse yourself up to the chest, when your body will only weigh a tenth of its mass!

In all cases, cold water activates blood circulation and helps a better vein circulation, at the same time combating cellulite!

Sea wading also lets you breathe the good sea air and boost your minerals. Relaxing effect guaranteedEnjoy too the countryside surrounding the Bay of Somme, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, classified Grand Site de France. Walking along the coast, you'll have a magnificent view over le Crotoy, a charming, picturesque little fishing port with its two emblematic red and white turrets. Its beach of white sand is no less famous. And maybe while on your sports outing you'll also find some of the very varied wild life of the Bay of Somme.

Convinced by all these benefits and attractions? What are you waiting for to try out land yachting during your stay at the Domaine du Val? The club des Sentiers Bleus in le Crotoy will accompany you. For more information: www.mabaiedesomme.fr


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