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Interview with Ludovic Dupont

Hi, Ludovic, tell us a bit about your career

After finishing standard cooking classes, travelling and working in some fine kitchens, I created La Nature a du Goût.
I've loved going out gathering with the family and everything connected with nature since my earliest childhood. I love the idea of giving pleasure by having people discover simple products from nature, at the same time with a creative spirit and catering for the tastes of each and everyone. The delight and smiles of guests are ample recompense.

What services do you offer at the Domaine du Val?

In partnership with the Domaine du Val, we offer a nature-based menu all year round. Customers can order a menu which we deliver directly to the Domain.
We like playing an active and enthusiastic part in what the Domaine du Val offers, and in the Food Truck events during the Christmas or summer period.
As well as services for tourist customers, we also work a lot for the seminars held at the Domaine du Val. Our services range from a cold buffet to an unusual picnic format or with the Food Truck on the spot or in other locations in the Bay of Somme after a cycle outing or a walk with a Nature guide.

How important is it for you to work with a CSR approach?

We like working with local producers and products. Nature provides enough originality in your plate to create nice surprises.
We gather with the seasons, the simple things are often the best.
We try to adapt to environmental change.
Since culture is an integral part of our philosophy, we particularly appreciate services in line with this, it motivates our cooking.

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