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Interview with Marie

Hi, Marie, tell us a bit about yourself

Marie, 36... practising Shiatsu since 2016 and psychoanalyst after studying for a master. Works in a private surgery and also in Abbeville hospital in psychological follow-up. Very interested in Asian practices and their philosophical conception of the human being. I like cooking, walking, reading, silence and rabbits!

How do you organise your shiatsu sessions?

I give individual shiatsu sessions and do-in lessons, and initiation into group Shiatsu. Shiatsu is a practice involving the body in which I apply pressure to the body with my hands and thumbs on the acupuncture meridians with the aim of harmonising what is known as energy circulation. This heals and attenuates the aches and pains of daily life.

In group lessons I teach certain acupuncture points beneficial to our physical and emotional equilibrium and also how to achieve calmness through breathing, relaxing and Japanese yoga stretching. It's part of a healthy lifestyle! I show a few family Shiatsu techniques to practise with family and friends.

Why did you agree to come and give sessions in the Domaine du Val?

I met Xavier Mennesson right at the beginning of my activity and he quickly showed confidence in my work! I have to thank him! I love the Domaine du Val because it's a natural environment, beautiful and quiet, but also with commitment!

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