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Interview with Géraldine

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I create decorative objects and accessories in fabric and paper in Bay of Somme (Demoiselle Eliette). I create heat pads, noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) sets, origami garlands, cuddly toys, bags... My creations illustrate the values I like to share: hand made, local, responsible, unique, surprises and smiles. I also organise creative workshops where we work with paper and fabrics.

How do you organize your origami sessions?

During my workshops, we create birds using Japanese paper. I initiate the participants into traditional paper folding. We make a series of different birds and display them afterwards on wooden sticks. A pretty "Hand Made" decoration to take home ;-). Origami requires concentration and dexterity, and I recommend beginning at 6-7 years. I take mainly children, but working in a parent/child Duo activity can also be very nice!

What is it you like about working in the Domain?

The first pleasure for me is when I arrive at the Domaine du Val: the country, the houses on stilts and their coloured touches, the relief... a plunge into nature that gets me into a wonderful mood to start the workshops ;-). Then, we're lucky enough to have a lovely room to work in with a view right over the valley, that helps creativity!
I also like the warm, cosy, calming atmosphere on the site, like the kind welcoming smiles of Floriane and Xavier.

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