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Interview with Floriane

Hello Floriane, how long have you been working at the Domain du Val and what's your job?

I arrived at the Domain in October 2022 as receptionist. I welcome customers, explain how the Domain works and give them any help they need during their stay. I deal with emails and answer the phone to take bookings. I also prepare quotes for seminar requests and I manage the Domain's Instagram social network.

What difference does it make working in an environmentally responsible organisation? Does that give you something more?

When I arrived at the Domain, I only had a rough knowledge of what environmentally responsible means. On working in this place, I discovered that it was the daily commitment of many of our guests. I also learned to talk CSR, I got to know the LUCIE label and I met service companies that share the same values as the Domaine du Val. So I try to convey these values to guests who may be less aware of them.

You deal with many of the customers. What comments do they most often make about their stay?

We've quite a few regular customers who often come back for the same reasons: the calm and the environment.

And those who are coming for the first time are often enchanted to discover a place where they can leave their town life behind and "go green". We get a lot of families. It's a real advantage for them to be able to let their children run around in the Domain in absolute safety. The swimming pool is also a great asset, especially when it rains!  And the animals and play areas, not forgetting the activities we organise during the holidays (shiatsu, origami etc.). These are things they can do in the Domain. They also enjoy the town and the sea which are nor far away.

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