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The Domaine du Val : an unusual accommodation in the heart of the nature of the bay of somme

Do you dream of a green area where a river sings? We have something better!

Discover a totally new way to get closer to nature on vacation or for a weekend: get up high and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Baie de Somme, this unique ecosystem in the world full of wonders!

The Domaine du Val is an eco-responsible place to live where you can enjoy the view perched on the terrace of your individual wooden house on stilts.

Ideally located at 15 minutes from the Bay and the Parc du Marquenterre, you will be seduced by the wild beauty of the surroundings, and you will be able to find the happiness of simple pleasures such as walking or biking, visits of historical places nearby and wellness activities such as swimming, canoeing, biking or even enjoy the large park around the houses with its beehives, its vegetable garden and its animals

For a night, a weekend or a long stay, book our eco-responsible wooden houses

The original houses, perched on stilts, offer a convivial space on a human scale and benefit from all the conveniences to feel at home: top-of-the-range household appliances, new bedding and parking space.

Beds are made upon arrival, end-of-stay cleaning is included and the new decoration of the houses renovated at the end of 2019 will provide a warm and familiar atmosphere, for a home-like atmosphere!

A totally unusual way to spend good times with family or friends, and to enjoy serenity and nature!

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