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Staying in the bay de somme area

Charming accommodations with a swimming pool at the heart of the bay of somme

Le Domaine du Val tourist residence offers you a place to stay that combines nature, well-being and relaxation. Locate next to Abbeville on the land around the Bay of Somme, the residence features several wooden homes. They offer high-quality three-star accommodations, including household equipment (TV, dishwasher, microwave oven, etc.), swimming pool, club house, vegetable garden, solarium, fitness gym, terrace, Wifi access, etc.

Awarded the Lucie label, Le Domaine du Val has adopted an affirmative environmental approach, with ecological cleaning products, waste sorting and the implementation of a composting system.
This tourist residence is the ideal site for your vacations or a weekend on the Bay of Somme. As a family or couple or with friends, you’ll love the feeling of well-being.

Discover the bay of somme

An extensive territory with white sand and both saltwater and freshwater, the Bay of Somme is a vast body of water, where earth, sky and sea blend together. The tides reveal immense expanses every day. Known worldwide and recognized for its natural wealth, the Bay of Somme is a unique region that is highly appreciated by migratory birds.

Created on March 21, 1994, the Bay of Somme Nature Reserve covers approximately 3,000 hectares of the Bay, including the 120 hectares of the Marquenterre ornithological park. The reserve enables safeguarding immense areas for birds making a stop on their migration route or nesting during the summer or winter season. In addition, this nature reserve enables preserving a rich local flora and the seals that live on the Bay.

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