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A long stay at the Domaine du Val

What a joy to take the time to discover all the marvels that the Bay of Somme has to offer!

To choose a long stay at the Domaine du Val is to give yourself the gift of fully enjoying life, without worrying what day or time it is!

This place, unique of its kind, will let you unwind with family or friends and above to take the time at last to do what you feel like without hurry, a good time to switch off.

Many activities are possible in and around the Domain, so no two days are alike.

Need a holiday? Need to let yourself go and unwind? Book a stay in the calm in France in the heart of the Bay of Somme!

In the Domain, your own private wooden house on stilts is ready for you: breakfast on the terrace, reading or observing in the calm of nature... this little patch of greenery is yours, all yours, for the time of your stay.

Stroll in the park, pick seasonal organic fruit and vegetables in the garden, say hello to Perlette the Domain's mascot, then meet partridges, pheasants or rabbits leaping about... it's la dolce vita!

The more curious among you can go and observe the bees busy in their hive, lovers of fine food can order a meal from the food truck and sports enthusiasts can dive into the swimming pool, have a session in the fitness area or get on bikes to cycle out to adventure.

Outside the Domain, there's no lack of activities! With the beach, walks and visits in this exceptional setting, no two days are alike: one day you can picnic on the beach and the next day visit the Grand-Laviers bird sanctuary, go and watch the seals or birds in the Marquenterre park reserve or go for long walks, stopping for a well-deserved break at the guinguette (restaurant) "Au repos des Pêcheurs" at Petit Port.

Take your time in this unique and rare place and go back home light-hearted and with your batteries recharged! Book your next holidays in the calm and switch off in Bay of Somme.


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We also accept holiday vouchers as a form of payment.
Dogs are welcome on the estate. (9€ per day / dog only)
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