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A day at the Domaine du Val with your family

What's rather exceptional about the Domaine du Val and the Bay of Somme is that there's an activity to please everybody, of all ages and tastes!

Every day is a great day for families who stay here, and the Domain pulls out all the stops for everybody's enjoyment during their holiday or weekend.

For a weekend or holiday, book your unique stay at the heart of the Bay of Somme! You'll discover a host of activities for children or families!

There's nothing like getting up in the morning and starting your day with a nice breakfast on the terrace of your wooden house, with a view over the valley, followed by a few lengths in the domain swimming pool.

The Club House is a free opportunity for all the domain's residents to recoup with covered, heated, air conditioned swimming pool and relaxation areas (solarium, terrace, fitness area and saloon bar) where there's everything you need to have fun, relax or let go! The kids will love it!

Afterwards, it's off to the Marquenterre bird sanctuary for all the budding migrators!

This ornithological paradise is a one of the most fascinating and unusual places in the Bay of Somme.
Young and old will marvel at so much nature, wild life and silence!
When you're there, everything is planned so that people and birds can live in harmony: among the dunes, marshes or pine trees in the heart of breathtaking countryside between land and sea, there are little wooden huts for observing without disturbing.
Enthusiastic guides will be delighted to accompany you to discover the species living in this protected area.

On your return to the park, take a little walk on the path leading to the sea at Saint Quentin and see the magnificent beach where families can picnic and play on the sand in the fresh air all afternoon!

Back at the Domain you'll be tired out but with loads of memories to share!

End the day with a nice barbecue in the Domain's picnic area: another opportunity to enjoy the open air and your family.

And tomorrow? More adventures await you!

So, plan your next family holiday or weekend at the Domaine du Val.


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Dogs are welcome on the estate. (9€ per day / dog only)
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