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At the Domaine du Val, nature is waiting for you!

15 minutes away from the Bay of the Somme is a real green setting, a cocoon of well-being in which guests can enjoy absolute calm, recharge their batteries and take full advantage of their loved ones.

Spend a peaceful and relaxing stay in the Baie de Somme!

A unique and (very) relaxing experience in the middle of nature in a structure committed to the respect of the environment. Indeed, the Domaine du Val is an active member of the Baie de Somme Zero Carbon association and is certified LUCIE, the reference label in favor of sustainable development.
This state of mind is reflected on the site by the construction of warm eco-responsible wooden houses on stilts, a strict choice of household products and waste sorting.

This choice is a philosophy that goes far beyond: the objective is to give guests a real break from the hustle and bustle of life from which they will return serene and rested. A real stay in the peace, a peaceful and relaxing vacation in France, just a step from your home!

Quiet vacations, green weekends in France: guaranteed disconnection!

For that, many activities are proposed for young and old. What to disconnect during the vacations, spend a quiet stay or enjoy all that the Baie de Somme has to offer!

Between the games (Easter egg hunt, creative and reading workshops…), the sports activities with the indoor swimming pool, the bike rides, the fitness room or the shiatsu classes, the large park of the Domain and its animals, its vegetable garden and its bees, and the numerous visits at less than 15 minutes (Parc du Marquenterre, visit of the seals and the castles…), there is plenty to do… and plenty to do nothing!

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